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Temporizador de agua de válvula de bola electrónica de control remoto automático

Automatic remote control electronic ball valve water timer from QOTO. Automatic watering for irrigation , gardens, family balconies and vegetable fields, cooling and dust reduction, farm water supply system, household pipeline control valves.

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Product Description

QOTO water timer/garden timer. By connecting the water timer to the wireless network (2.4 GHz), you can use the tuya application (Android, iOS) to program and manage the watering schedule anytime and anywhere. Don't worry about not being able to water plants when you go out. This wifi faucet timer has a built-in water meter, which has two watering modes: irrigation and atomization. It can record the amount of water used, provide more scientific watering settings, and save water better.

remote control

using clound control technology, watering through the mobile phone App

Product Parameter:

Material: PP+ brass       

Power supply: 5V/1A

Port size: 1/2 inch, 3/4inch

Product size:176* 112* 67mm

Waterproof: IP66            

Signal: RF

Pressure: 1Mpa 

QT5 specification

this product have long battery life, Two AA battery can be used for 1 year.

long battery time

Use remote control : download Tuya App and operate to water at anytime and anywhere

Programmable: To set the watering time and duration like setting an alarm clock, water flow can be set as well.

Real-time feedback: watering status shows on the App, use it more ease to avoid water leakage and other problem.

Voice control: get the Tuya App connected with Alexa, google assistant to voice control the device.

1)Q: What is the operation method of this device?

A: It is controlled via Tuya App or on site. Each device will equip one manual. It is necessary to get the device matched with a gateway.

2)Q:What is the MOQ? Can we add our logo on the device?
A:1 piece for regular product. Yes, we offer OEM&ODM services but the MOQ of customization needs to be negotiated further..

3)Q:What is your lead time?
A: 3 days for regular products. 14 days for customized products (do not include the  transportation time).

4)Q: What is the coverage of the signal ?
A: The coverage depends a lot on the environment. Obstacles (especially metal) will affect the signal. We suggest installing the device in a open place and reducing obstacles between the device and router/gateway.
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+86 18688777598
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